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Jianghuai zhoufugeng: be a "thinker" in the technical front line

Jianghuai zhoufugeng: be a "thinker" in the technical front line

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at the 2016 business annual meeting of GEFA heavy truck in late November, Jianghuai GEFA launched ten new models at one go and also released the "Kajia" car coupling system for the first time. Some commentators said, "it's also hard work."

JAC automobile developed late in the field of heavy trucks and has been in the forefront of the industry in recent years. This initial road was broken out by zhoufugeng with a young team of 10 people

recently, the author met zhoufugeng at Jianghuai Automobile Technology Center in Hefei. Now he is the president of Jianghuai heavy commercial vehicle research institute. In the Jianghuai area, Zhou Fugeng also had a famous name - "boss Zhou"

As soon as he graduated from university in 1988, zhoufugeng was assigned to Hefei Jianghuai Automobile Factory (the predecessor of "Jianghuai Automobile") and has been engaged in automobile product design and research. He has undertaken the design of the company's full range of passenger car chassis from 6 meters to 9 meters, and also presided over the development and design of the company's full range of light trucks... Indeed, he can afford to be the "boss"

over the years, Zhou Fugeng tried to break through the shoals and reefs on the road of automobile research and development

2003, he took the heavy truck R & D team composed of 10 employees to "open the way" for Jianghuai's heavy truck series products. At that time, the company did not have any heavy truck technology accumulation

all the 10 employees in that year had graduated from University for less than two years, and their lack of experience was their hard injury. Zhou Fugeng wanted to "lead" the team and "teach" the team. Wang Junwei, who is now the technical director of the heavy truck chassis design department, recalled that boss Zhou gave these young people a piece of drawing review, proofreading and "hands-on teaching". "There are 11 people engaged in heavy truck R & D, which is unique among the domestic teams."

how to use the heavy electric folding machine 2 The zero contact screw card adjusted at the back of the angle indicator plate has complex structure and high technical integration. Zhoufugeng's team chose a foreign heavy truck model as a benchmark for development. "We should first understand other people's technology, abandon their shortcomings, and then improve it in combination with our actual use environment of heavy trucks."

at the beginning, they stumbled just because they ignored the actual use of the product. Around 2006, the heavy truck carrying the expectation of Zhou Fugeng first entered the market and performed poorly. After learning about the actual use scenarios of drivers, the development team found that the road conditions in China are complex, and users are generally overloaded, and some foreign models are "acclimatized"

"at that time, it was made behind closed doors." Zhoufugeng understood that he had to develop according to the needs of users. In September, 2009, with the support of the company's leaders, zhoufugeng led the heavy truck R & D team of the technology center and the R & D personnel of the then heavy truck marketing company to establish a heavy truck R & D project team. In this way, R & D is closer to the market, and development is more "targeted"

since 2010, the sales volume of JAC heavy trucks has gradually increased. From scratch, from weak to strong, zhoufugeng led his team to build a crane truck product line

secret of success? Without him, the word "insist". But zhoufugeng said that brute force should not be used

"product R & D should be summarized constantly, and your practice should be summarized into theoretical knowledge, which can be precipitated and inherited." Zhoufugeng likes to ponder and summarize. He also has a set of "zhoufugeng product development methods". In 2013, it was rated as the advanced operation (work) law of Anhui Province

"do we all look the same? From the natural world to human society, many things are similar. Therefore, the principle of similarity can also be used for targeted design and development of products." This is the essence of Zhou Fugeng's working method

zhoufugeng remembers that when he participated in the R & D of Jianghuai light truck hfc1061k series products 20 years ago, he wondered how to add merican millad to the steel that usually can only withstand tension? The polypropylene with nxtm8000 transparent agent can become transparent and transparent silk rope, which can not only bear the tension, but also the thrust

"I have been thinking about this, and then I found an analogy - gastroscope!" When zhoufugeng talked about his excitement, he began to gesture, "when making a gastroscope, the hose will go all the way from the esophagus to the stomach. The strong light from the light source will be refracted layer by layer through the optical fiber before it is transmitted." Inspired by this, he added a protective sleeve to the steel wire rope. When the steel wire rope bears the thrust, the inner wall of the sleeve will produce a reaction force on it. In this way, the thrust received at one end of the steel wire rope can be transmitted to the other end. This kind of soft rope can be used in the gear selection and shifting of the truck, which can avoid using many rod systems to transmit the push and pull of the gear selection and shift, and greatly simplify the structure of the shift control mechanism. At present, the flexible shaft shift control mechanism is widely used in various models of Jianghuai, such as light trucks, bus chassis, medium and heavy trucks, cars and so on

recently, zhoufugeng fell in love with the TRIZ theory after the finished solid composite preforms were automatically cut by Archie Schuler, which is translated into Chinese as "innovative problem solving theory". Archie Schuler wanted to answer the question: is there any scientific method and rule that can be followed to enable people to quickly realize new inventions or solve technical problems

"this is very enlightening for product development. I think about how to use it in product design as soon as I have time." With nearly 30 years of engineering experience, zhoufugeng felt that he should understand something deeper from the theory

maybe the next time JAC improves its models, it will be able to integrate the new ideas of boss Zhou

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