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Jiangsu Zhiheng participated in Chinatelecom's "Internet + financial" big data promotion conference

on March 30, 2017, Chinatelecom's Internet + financial big data promotion conference was held in Jiangsu Telecom Yancheng branch. According to the current situation of the financial industry, the biggest driving factor in the conference was the application of big data of Chinatelecom in the express industry, and introduced the telecom business to a number of banks, securities and insurance companies participating in the conference

at the meeting, Jiangsu Zhiheng introduced the following services based on its own advantages:

cloud agent: a large-scale call center system with high concurrent processing capacity built by cloud agent based on cloud technology. The cloud call center platform is not limited by time and space, and can be rented on demand and flexibly increased or decreased. Through unique multi-user management and remote agent functions, It can be used by enterprises to meet the requirements that call center seats are distributed in different places to ensure the smooth progress of the experiment and quality

real time guarantee: real time guarantee notarial recording is a two-way call recording preservation and certificate keeping tool jointly launched by Jiangsu Telecom and the notary office. It focuses on honest trading and oral proof, and advocates honest and legal operation

smart call cloud: smart call cloud is a big data call center platform based on cloud. On the basis of cloud agent, smart call cloud adds accurate customer data analysis and retrieval for outbound call marketing. It is a large-scale call center system with high concurrent processing capability based on cloud technology

at the same time, Jiangsu Zhiheng has proposed fixed line + business system and terminal/app for the financial industry. However, many foam granulator enterprises do not pay attention to environmental protection issues in their production experience. The company has launched a new crowdfunding program on indiegogo. It provides the latest call center solutions for many organizations participating in the conference

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