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Because it is difficult for home decoration consumers to become professionals, they must pay special attention when negotiating and cooperating with decoration companies, so as to not only save trouble, but also improve the quality of decoration. Here are some tips for choosing a home decoration company. 1、 First of all, decoration companies must have the qualification to carry out engineering construction. In addition to checking the business license and qualification certificate, consumers need to carefully examine whether the company has a formal office location and whether it can issue qualified bills. 2、 Preliminary contact with the company. At present, there are two ways of quotation for decoration companies: first, consumers quote how much they want to invest, and decoration companies design and quote according to their requirements; The second is to put forward specific requirements for room decoration, and the decoration company will report how much it will cost to realize the requirements. If the decoration company agrees to undertake your home decoration project, then enter the specific design, quotation and negotiation stage. 3、 Confirm the design and review the quotation. The decoration company understands the specific requirements of customers and will deliver the design drawings and detailed quotation after field measurement, which lists the specific materials and construction quantities. After getting this material, we should first see whether the design meets our own requirements. We can ask the designer to explain the design scheme. After confirming the design scheme, we should also carefully examine whether the price and dosage of each item in the quotation are reasonable. 4、 Plug the loopholes in the contract. After the quotation is approved, the formal decoration company will also sign a construction contract with the customer. Note that the specific requirements and completion date of decoration must be stated in the contract; The specific brand or model of decorative materials must be indicated to prevent shoddy materials from being replaced by good ones; Provisions on warranty are essential, and responsibilities should be distinguished





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