May day David flooring is ready for price setting

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On May Day, David flooring is ready to put on "price"

May Day is coming, which means not only the national holiday, but also the promotion season of merchants. Many consumers will take advantage of the holiday to purchase goods, which is convenient and affordable. David flooring is also ready for you to put on the "price" and add happiness to your holiday. At that time, David flooring will perform a wonderful promotion together with local dealers and local consumers. Please look forward to it

no matter how attractive the promotion is, the quality of the product is the key. Especially in today's society, consumers are not only focused on prices and gifts, they are becoming closer and closer to "experts". Only truly high-quality flooring can withstand the test of consumers and the market. David flooring, one of the top ten flooring brands in China, has been deeply rooted in the market for 15 years, has insight into the needs of consumers, and strives to provide consumers with high-quality flooring. Whether it is David f 4-star floor, it is designed for "environmental protection and health", and the average formaldehyde emission is less than 0.3mg/l, which comprehensively exceeds the national standard; It is also the 3G II series floor, which is designed for "convenience". It has four "maintenance free" functions of stain resistance, self-cleaning, high wear resistance and full moisture resistance, so that the majority of consumers really feel the convenience of using the floor; There are also classic solid wood series, China Red strengthened series, beloved antique series, etc., all of which reflect that David flooring starts from consumer needs and builds professional flooring for consumer needs, which is also the secret that David flooring can always run at the forefront of the flooring market

2013 marks the 15th anniversary of the founding of David flooring. In order to thank the majority of consumers for their support and love over the past 15 years, we will, as always, take consumer needs as the core, upgrade product and service concepts, return to the society with a more professional attitude and enthusiasm, and enlarge the price for you when the "May Day" is coming. We will express our sincerity with high-quality products, considerate services and people-friendly prices. Let's look forward to it





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