The first battle was won, and the national provinc

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The first battle is won, and the national provincial linkage of Cohen appliances is about to sweep the country.

from September 7 to 8, 2016, the two-day national provincial linkage and Hunan Station kick-off conference of Cohen appliances 2016 was held in Hunan Zhuzhou Huatian Hotel. Guests gathered on the scene. Wang Jiahai, Dean of the Business School of Cohen appliance headquarters, Zhao Hanbin, director of marketing, Li Fangyi, director of brand operation, and 16 regional managers of Cohen appliance, as well as more than 100 dealers and intended customers in Zhuzhou, Changde, Huaihua, Loudi, Chenzhou and other places, attended the event, witnessing another important moment in the development of Zhejiang Cohen appliance, and the site was full

since its establishment, Zhejiang Cohen Electric has always been steady, step by step, clearly planning its development direction, and striving to achieve every growth goal. The competition in the terminal market is becoming increasingly fierce. In order to improve the professional skills of front-line salespersons, Cohen electric invested heavily in building a business school, went deep into the terminal market, and enthusiastically carried out large-scale provincial linkage meetings, leading dealers to constantly break through the existing pattern and become an important driving force for the development of the industry

only when there is competition can there be enthusiasm, pressure and motivation. The competition among the teams in Hunan Province is the competition within the team and among each member. In order to stimulate everyone's enthusiasm, PK mechanism runs through the whole activity. Through team PK, style display and other links, the tutor will twist everyone into a line, one heart, one goal, that is, full combat power, bravely strive for the first

then, with his years of practical experience, Wang Jiahai explained the activity plan in detail, especially how to guide stores, how to improve transaction rate and telemarketing, so as to further improve the terminal's ability to solve actual market problems. All the people on the scene listened carefully and expressed their opinions. The atmosphere was warm and high. Until the end of the training, everyone was not satisfied and gained a lot. The spirit of the team has taken on a new look and is eager to try, which makes all dealers more confident in this provincial linkage

with the strong cooperation of Cohen appliance headquarters and dealers in Hunan Province, this activity exceeded the target and achieved great success. It has laid a foundation for the provincial linkage of Cohen appliances nationwide and set an example image. The success of the event can not be separated from the strong execution of Hunan Cohen electrical elites and the active cooperation of dealers in Hunan Province. During the event, every family member of Cohen appliance participated in the whole process, but never tired. Everyone worked hard and everything was based on the completion of the goal. This spirit is an important pillar for the ultimate success of the event

the successful holding of the provincial linkage of Cohen electric in Hunan has played a vital role in the nationwide implementation of the provincial linkage. On the one hand, we have accumulated valuable practical experience in the preparatory process of the linkage of Hunan Province. On the other hand, the successful plan and strong implementation provide a strong guarantee for the future activities. In the next time, the provincial linkage of Cohen Electric will be carried out nationwide. Let's hope that the provincial linkage of Cohen Electric will bloom nationwide




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