What is the energy efficiency grade of range hood

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Home is the main place where we live, and kitchen is the main source of indoor air pollution, among which kitchen lampblack is the most serious. Therefore, the range hood has become one of the essential electrical appliances in the kitchen. A good range hood should not only have a fashionable appearance and good smoking effect, but also be efficient, energy-saving and easy to clean, so as to meet the needs of modern families for high-quality life

nowadays, many range hoods have large air volume and pressure. It seems that only such range hoods can suck away the cooking fume in the kitchen. However, experts pointed out that this is misleading. It is not good to buy a range hood excessively greedy for "big" and sometimes harmful. The effect of the range hood is not only poor, but also serious power consumption. Experts remind that the purchase of range hood should see the energy-saving logo

energy efficiency grade is the performance index of a product, and its unqualified does not affect the use, but the products with unqualified energy efficiency grade will consume more electricity. The energy efficiency grade of range hood includes five aspects: full pressure efficiency, standby power, shutdown power, normal odor reduction and grease emission value. Total pressure efficiency is an important indicator of air performance. The larger the value, the higher the motor efficiency of range hood products and the more energy-saving; Standby power and shutdown power refer to the electric energy consumption of the range hood when it is in standby state or shutdown state. The lower the value, the more energy-saving it is; The normal odor reduction refers to the exhaust (purification) ability of the range hood for lampblack or dirty air in the room. The higher the value, the better the exhaust and purification effect of the range hood in unit time; Grease emission value refers to the ability of oil fume to separate grease from gas. The higher the value, the stronger the ability to separate grease

for you who often cook at home, it is essential to have an efficient and energy-saving range hood

ps: during the use of household appliances, standby power consumption is also noteworthy. Therefore, the power supply should be cut off in time when not in use, which can not only reduce power consumption, but also prolong the life of household appliances




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