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Next, the modern simple decoration effect picture of two bedrooms and one living room in Youhuo city that Xiaobian wants to recommend for you is a simple but fashionable single living apartment model room, which is a perfect combination of hardcover design, personality and practicality. Although the area is small, through the embellishment of modern simple style, it has a good effect of increasing the space in an instant. It's really good to live in such an apartment in the bustling and busy urban life. Come and have a look

decoration owner files:

community: Youhuo city (more decoration renderings of Youhuo city) house type: two rooms and one living room style: modern simple decoration method: all inclusive contract amount: 80000 decoration company: milanju decoration

Design Description: This is a hardbound model room of a single apartment, which is very good design, and easily creates a personalized and practical home with an area of about 77 square meters, The unique charm of the design is not simple. Xiaobian likes it very much after reading it, and the storage of the small space is also very good

the dining room uses a composite wood floor with a pattern similar to that of the living room carpet, which organically combines the design of the dining room and the living room. Dark brown log dining tables and chairs, cold wood, light wood fragrance, give people peace of mind, natural cool and refreshing. A blue vertical cushion is placed on the dining chair to further integrate the design of the dining room and the living room

there are two drawers in the dining room, which are used to store all kinds of tableware, one drawer for each tableware, and some photos are placed on the shelf to decorate the dining room. Set up a big mirror against the wall to increase the visual area of the dining room. The gray walls with white decorations make the dining room cool and calm

the study has a small drawer cabinet under the desk to classify and store all kinds of stationery, which is convenient for life. The computer office chair designed according to the curve of human body radian makes working people more comfortable. The faint wood fragrance can also keep people clear headed. The red and white art map of Chicago on the wall decorates the study with warm colors to keep people in a positive mood

the bedroom is a very private space. Dark gray walls and curtain cloth are used to maintain the mystery of the bedroom. Dark green four piece set is used on the bed, which reflects the masculinity and composure of a man. In this hot season in summer, cotton cloth is preferred when choosing bedding, which is refreshing, sweat absorbing and washable

the porch takes blue as the theme, and the blue and black carpet, the blue-green door, the dark blue wall and the chairs in the same color are linked by blue as the bridge. The paper lantern lampshade on the ceiling softens the light of the bulb, and the faint light makes people calm. In order to keep the porch spacious and bright, appropriate white is added as a harmony to dissolve the depression of dark blue

create a refreshing apartment in blue and black. When entering the living room, use blue soft decoration and white walls as the theme to keep the living room bright and refreshing. The vertical carpet composed of different shades of blue, mottled blue arranged in an orderly manner, reflecting different levels of blue. In the blue soft clothing world, add gray sofa to reconcile the blue oppression

the wall of an open kitchen is paved with black tiles, which can make it easy to clean the oil that is difficult to clean. At the same time, black can hide the oil and keep the kitchen beautiful. The white cabinet is used to reconcile the black depression, moisture-proof and fire-proof log table. On one side, there is a shelf for pots and pans, and on the other side, there is a high chair, which has the functions of storage and dining table at the same time. The white lotus chandelier on the table upgrades the taste of the kitchen

put the refrigerator in the depression between the two walls, and flexibly use the irregular position of the house. Next door is the toilet and shower, covered with white curtains to hide the toilet. The shelf above contains the comic pictures of the owner, reflecting a trace of childlike innocence of men

introduction to Youhuo city community:

Youhuo city is an urban high-end residence invested and developed by Shanshui Meicheng Real Estate Co., Ltd. With a core area of 90000 square meters, the project has a total of 9 modern buildings. Its original six product lines of 5.4m-storey loft, SOHO apartment, extended space residence, ground friendly duplex, air duplex and townhouse provide 35-280 ㎡ extended space, and all house types enjoy the convenience of gas to the home. At the same time, enjoy exclusive supporting facilities such as star screen swimming pool, city living room, yo+ runway, etc. Youhuo city is located at No. 1, Xudong street, in the core of Xudong business district around the city, with a crowd of 1.2 million. It is close to Binjiang business district and Wuchang future Xintiandi, and you can walk to jiangtan and simietang park. Adjacent to the subway entrance, it is close to new world, Wal Mart, Haomeijia, Metro, Eurasia home, bright Renaissance and other top supporting facilities. It is only 5 minutes' walk from Pinmao. It connects the avenue, Xudong Avenue and Heping Avenue within 9 minutes, and is located in the three-dimensional transportation network built by metro lines 5, 7 and 8

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