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◆ when it comes to decoration, Mr. Wang, who lives in a community in Sixin, Hanyang, is angry. Mr. Wang chose a decoration company to decorate his new house last year. The designer said it was a buy it now price. After the decoration, everything was done and he checked in with his bag. However, after signing the contract and entering the decoration stage, Mr. Wang kept receiving incremental reports. Today, he said that the mop pool on the balcony should be installed, and tomorrow, he said that the floor drain should be paid more. After the decoration, Mr. Wang settled the account, and the actual cost was 20000 yuan more than the buy it now price. Interpretation: some decoration companies will deliberately omit to report under the guise of decoration, but they will add in the specific construction with no action. For example, there is no unified charging standard in the industry for ground leveling, background wall, ceiling, toilet waterproofing, material handling fees, etc., which is the most easy to add items. In the contract signed between consumers and decoration companies, in addition to the already clear budget amount, there are additional costs. If you don't ask what items are included in the contract money, it is easy to generate additional costs. ◆ Jerry built construction materials are not in line with the contract. Ms. Zhang chose packaged products for decoration because of her busy work. Thinking it convenient and easy, I didn't expect that when the home decoration company signed the contract, it said to provide first-line brand ceramic tiles, but the actual materials received from the construction site were uneven and incomplete. Ms. Zhang thought the goods were wrong and complained to the decoration Association. Interpretation: consumers must weigh the words of the contract before signing the contract, and pay attention to be careful and clear when agreeing on the standard of decoration materials. The brand and model of materials used in each part of the exterior wall, interior wall, floor, kitchen, bathroom, balcony and so on should be clearly marked. ◆ the owner refused to pay the final payment, and the warranty was not guaranteed. Because the decoration quality of the bathroom could not meet his requirements, the owner Mr. Zhou angrily refused to pay the final payment, but the bathroom was leaking. At this time, Mr. Zhou found the decoration company again, and the company refused to repair it on the grounds of not paying the final payment. Interpretation: according to the contract, if the owner moves into the house without acceptance, it is deemed to be qualified. As long as the owner pays the balance, he can get the quality assurance card issued by the decoration company. The company will be responsible for the problems of house decoration within 2 years and waterproof engineering within 5 years. Home decoration reminder: when choosing a decoration company, consumers should first look at whether there is an industrial and commercial business license, whether there is a fixed business place, the qualification certificate of the building decoration industry issued by the competent construction department, and the access qualification certificate issued by the association. Once encountering the problem of safeguarding rights in housing decoration disputes, consumers should first clarify the responsible party and negotiate with the decoration company as soon as possible. In case of disputes, they can apply for mediation through the home decoration association and ask the Consumer Association for adjustment





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