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Home decoration, in the final analysis, is the pursuit of a comfortable home environment, the most important of which is quality. Good quality can guarantee the quality of home

1. Grasp the quality of home decoration design scheme

quality is designed. Without design, there is no material preparation and construction; If the design is incomplete and the depth is not enough, it is difficult to guarantee the material quality and construction quality. In the current home decoration design process, the owner mainly judges the designer's level through communication with the designer to determine the design scheme, which has many problems. In fact, we can consider walking and looking more, comparing the design ideas and styles of different designers, knowing well and choosing the most suitable designer, which is the premise to ensure the quality of the design scheme. At the same time, we should actively communicate with designers and tell them your living habits in detail; In reality, some owners like to change the scheme during the construction process. After a good look, they feel inappropriate and change and start over. This will lead to the delay of construction period, the waste of labor and materials, and the increase of costs

2. Select a high-quality construction team

the quality of construction is closely related to the technology and quality of the construction team; No matter how good the design is, if it cannot be refined, the quality and effect will be greatly reduced. The selection of the construction team cannot compare the price, but should be compared in many ways: (1) the quality of the personnel invested by the construction unit is the key to the quality of the decoration project, so it is necessary to require that the types of work should be complete, and the main work must be checked by skilled technical workers. (2) Check whether the input of personnel and machinery of the construction unit can meet the construction progress and quality requirements. The equipment should be complete and its performance should be maintained in good condition. (3) Understand the internal management of the company, the purchasing quality and channels of relevant raw materials, how to consume materials, and the construction quality and time. Regular companies have professional quality supervision and inspection personnel, the purchase channels are fixed, there are instructions for construction materials, and customer supervision is well documented; Regular decoration companies have warranty period and warranty agreement. In case of any decoration liability accident, the company has the ability to compensate

3. Pay attention to the details when signing the contract

for honest home decoration companies, the contract is equivalent to a piece of waste paper. However, for home decoration companies that do not speak in good faith, strict contract agreements are important evidence for future prosecution. So what kind of contract? What content and attachments should be included? How to settle the expenses? What is the construction period? Are the rights and obligations clear and detailed? These should be stated in the contract to avoid wrangling. The general construction contract is divided into two parts: original and duplicate. The effect drawing, plan, elevation drawing, section drawing and other drawing attachments are detailed. In addition, an accurate and fine budget is also required. The contract can be signed after both parties confirm the contents of the contract

4. Strictly control the quality of materials

in the decoration project, materials account for 80% or more of the whole cost. Therefore, the quality of materials directly affects the quality of decoration. Do a good job in the acceptance of materials, and check whether the quantity, grade and specification of mobilized materials are consistent with those agreed in advance on the bill of materials. If problems are found, they can be improved in time. In particular, the acceptance of materials should be more careful to prevent the mobilization of fake and inferior materials. Generally, the following points should be well controlled: (1) control before ordering; (2) Control after purchase; (3) Control of materials prepared on site; (4) Control of materials used on site

5. Pay attention to structural safety

many owners often require the decorator to change the room structure in order to achieve the space and lighting they need, but such changes must be cautious. For the safety of yourself and others, we must protect the building structure and operate in strict accordance with the architectural drawings

6. Strictly control the construction quality

home decoration quality control is a process control. Now many owners have misunderstandings, thinking that the house is fully decorated, and finally have a general acceptance. In fact, this idea is wrong. Now some small home decoration companies or guerrillas give you an acceptance after the installation and repair. If there is a real problem, it is undoubtedly rework and delay the construction period, and a lot of money is wasted

reliable home decoration acceptance should implement step-by-step acceptance: it is divided into early acceptance, medium-term acceptance and completion acceptance, among which medium-term acceptance is the most important; The mid-term acceptance of the construction shall be carried out after the carpentry foundation is completed. At this time, the ceiling and gypsum line in the room are also completed, the wall tiles in the kitchen and bathroom have also been pasted, and the walls that need to be painted should be puttying twice. Industry experts pointed out that when the decorative panels of all fine wood products are pasted and the wood thread is glued, consumers can carry out the acceptance of the next stage. The inspection at this stage should focus on the color difference and texture of wood products, as well as the flatness and evenness of large areas and gaps. After the woodwork is completed, the oiler can start the primer treatment, and all floor tiles should be pasted within this stage

the final is the completion acceptance after completion. Check the installation of sanitary ware and hardware, the finish paint of wood products, the coating of wall and top surfaces, the position of panels and lamps installed by electricians, line connections, etc




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